The Guide to a Healthy Relationship The Guide to a Healthy Relationship

End of Chapter Four
November 25, 2019

Hey everyone! I did a double update, so go back if you didn't know! That is the end of this chapter, I figured there was no harm in finishing it up a week early, feel free to let me know what you think so far! I'll be on a small hiatus until January 6, maybe even the 30th of December. In the meantime I will be continuing to post on Patreon, so if you have an extra few bucks to spare and you just can't wait to start reading the next chapter, head on over. $1 to see the sketch and ink with no dialogue, $5 to see fully finished pages.


I'll also be posting phone WIPs on Instagram and Twitter, so if you can't afford to be a patron you can always see a glimpse of what will happen next on my social media!

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Thank you all so much for reading TGtaHR! You're awesome, and I can't express enough how much I appreciate you all! Happy Yule, happy Kwanzaa, and happy New Year!